Watch Professional Skiiers Paint an Electric Night Rainbow on the Slopes of Lake Tahoe

Jonny Moseley is a gold-medal Olympic skier who has seen his fame rise over the years. He was the host of the popular MTV series the Real World/Road Rules Challenge, he’s hosted Saturday Night Live, was a co-host of American Ninja Warrior and even participated in ABC’s Skating with the Stars.

Moseley, a Bay Area native, has spent his more recent years as a spokesperson for large brands while also launching a web series for Visit California, going on adventures around the state in order to promote all outdoor activities in California.

In a shortened episode of this web series, Moseley and a group of skiing buddies took to the slopes of Squaw Valley Resort at night while dressed in neon-lighted snow-suits. The result is an awesome video of color and illumination. Check it out:

That was SWEEEEET! Thanks for the cool video, Jonny! In the near future, we will highlight some of the other awesome adventures Moseley is doing in NorCal. Stay tuned!

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