Something Weird Happened at Kirkwood Mountain Resort this Week

Kirkwood Mountain Resort

Kirkwood Ski Resort is known to be a local favorite of anyone on the south side of Lake Tahoe. It’s known for it’s amazing powder and vast terrain near South Lake Tahoe, and the perfect place to escape the crowds on a sunny day. But on Sunday, February 9, some eery stuff was happening on the mountain.

The National Weather Service was recording all of the high wind readings from around Northern California when the number at Kirkwood stood out – 209 mph. That number was 10 mph larger than the current California record and 80 mph faster than any other peak nearby. Officials have since questioned the reading, and that’s weird enough in itself.

But then you should consider the date is February 9th (2/09) and Kirkwood’s area code is 209. Wait, what? That would mean…


That’s right, it was a 209 party at Kirkwood today. Considering the date 2/09 happens only once a year, aligning perfectly with the area code, how did a potentially faulty wind recorder reach the perfectly round number of 209 mph? It was a triple threat.

We’re still awaiting word as to what happened with that wind recorder and if the actual wind was that fast today. What an eery coincidence, right? If there’s anything strange or paranormal on the mountain today, no one would know, since the heavy winds forced the ski resort to close for the day. But what exactly was going on on that mountain today? We may never know?

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