Satellite Images Show Insane Sierra Snowpack Increase in Just 10 Days

Snowmageddon 2021 was a fantastic week for Northern California. Precipitation fell at an incredible rate through three different storms over a 10-day period. The result? Some areas received up to 10 feet of snow and concerns of a drought in the area have been briefly tamed.

The National Weather Service released satellite imagery that show two very different situations in the Sierra over a 10-day span.

On January 20th, a satellite image shows a mostly bare mountain range:

Just 10 days later, on January 30th, the same satellite image was almost completely white:

The benefits of heavy snowpack in the Sierra can’t be understated. California has experienced several droughts over the past decade, which lead to low water levels and increased wildfire activity. While Snowmageddon 2021 won’t singlehandedly deliver us from our drought fears during our current water year, it’s a MAJOR help.

Keep snow dancing, NorCal!

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