Puppy Abandoned in Northern California Creek Becomes Online Sensation

When a good samaritan found an abandoned puppy in a dry creek bed in Northern California, they immediately took it to NorCal Bully Breed Rescue in Sacramento in hopes that they could save its life. Little did they know, they saved the life of what would become the World’s Cutest Bulldog and an online sensation.

His rescuers named him Buggy and his early life included a ton of surgeries and health problems. But it was Buggy’s love of life that kept him going and now he lives happily in his forever home. Here’s a list of his medical issues as a puppy:

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Welcome New Buggy Friends. This is a list of the medical procedures that @norcalbullybreedrescue had performed on Buggy so he could survive. @norcalbullybreedrescue is the only reason Buggy is alive and do incredible work for medical dogs and regular dogs too! I’m going to answer a few questions ahead of time so you can understand my page better. Buggy can’t walk far so he goes in stroller rides every day. Buggy needs to be hand fed for life. He eats rehydrated food mixed with warm water. Buggys jaw doesn’t attach. Buggy loves his Buggy Boxes (Tupperware containers) and he chooses to sleep in them over anything. He has 4 Buggy Boxes. He sleeps with his mouth propped open. It’s his personal choice and has done it since he was a baby. I believe it is soothing to him now but when he was a baby he developed this method so he can breathe while asleep before he had his surgeries. Buggy has 3 dog brothers, 2 horses, 2 dragons, 2 cats. 8/10 of our animals are special needs in one way or another. Buggy loves kids. We call him Officer Buggy bc he is a crime fighter. Buggy lives North of Chicago. He also enjoys throwing his entire Buggy Body at things when he is excited and uses it as a weapon. He is a kamikaze Bulldog. Buggy is personally offended by cold weather (anything under 60). Buggys mom has had a lifetime of experience with special needs animals and prefers them often times.

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And this is how he was walking during the early part of his life:

But Buggy prevailed and was featured on The Dodo for being one of the freakin cutest and funniest dogs ever, and his story inspired thousands. Now, his videos have been watched by millions of people and he has become a social media star, gaining thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram. Here are some of his exploits you can see on his Instagram page:

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Fresh Buggy Box Blankets makes my Buggy happy

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Officers first snow! Welcome to the Midwest California boy!

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Go Buggy! To donate to a great organization like the NorCal Bully Breed Rescue, go here.

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