“Otherworldly” Object Photographed Above Mount Shasta

The stories of paranormal or “otherworldly” activity on Mount Shasta has been well documented. From Lemurians to Aliens to Bigfoot, Mount Shasta has proven to be a hotbed of mysterious activity. And now, there is some photo proof of its paranormal allure.

Living Shasta Photography, which is run by photographer Karrie Ann, posted a photo to social media documenting some sort of lighted object floating above the mountain. When Karrie went out to get a good view of the mountain with a friend to photograph a meteor shower, a weird apparition appeared in the air. Luckily, she was able to capture the incident in a photo.

Here is the photo with Karrie’s explanation of the incident:

“My friend Lynette was visiting me in Shasta. We went out to photograph the meteor shower. At one point during the night we kept seeing this glowing shape up in the sky and wondered if I could capture it with my camera. Quickly I had her climb to the top of the hill so we could do a silhouette of her with it. Snapped a few and then it was gone within moments… One of the strangest and most angelic things I’ve seen in my life.”

“I’m an extremely down to earth practical realistic person who loves science. I also believe miracles happen every day that we shrug off and overlook and are blinded to because of human nature. So for me to even share this under the premise that it’s otherworldly is quite a huge step for me. It’s not a lens reflection or dust on my sensor because we were seeing it with our own eyes which is what brought our attention to it. I’m a total skeptic of spiritualizing every day common things and for example my favorite one to debunk is backlit dust particles creating spiritual orbs in photos that people go crazy over 😅 Enjoy ♥️”

Here is a closeup of the apparition:

You can buy prints of the photo, or other great photos from Living Shasta Photography here.

What an incredible story! What do you think the apparition was? Let us know in the comments! Want more stories from Mount Shasta? Read our article Strange Paranormal Encounters of Mt. Shasta

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