The Official Water Bottle of Northern California

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The Official Water Bottle of Northern California

NeroFlask's Patented Filter

Only NeroFlask's filters removes over 99.9% of common contaminants found in water AND is reusable for up to 2500 refills!

Our patented activated carbon filter has remarkable taste, odor, and chlorine reduction capabilities. Water treatment plants treat water with chlorine and chloramines that create cancer-causing by-products. These disinfectants linger in your drinking water, tainting it with a chemical flavor. Carbon clears water of organic compounds that make your water taste or smell bad. Contaminants adhere to the surface of a carbon filter, and only clean pure water flows from the NeroFlask straw.

NeroFlask deploys the most advanced form of carbon filter available to remove contaminants found in lakes, streams and tap water, through adsorption. Absorption soaks up particles like a sponge to water.

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Community Reviews

Thomas H.

The Flask is great very comfortable. After testing it out it does a fantastic job of filtering the water also.

Josh B.

Great water bottle! I use it a lot while camping and fishing. The compass is great when camping and when finding my way back to camp. The filter works great for cleaning the water I drink from the sink or even the River. I recommend this water bottles and I am sure you won’t be sorry!