Dramatic Footage Shows Rare Meteor Cloud in the Sky over NorCal

No one knew what was going on in the Northern California sky this week, as a bright, streaking cloud appeared out of nowhere as the sun began to set on Wednesday. It was quite a sight to behold and turned out to be a rare celestial event.

As people witnessed the show in the sky, they took to social media to ask what everyone was thinking – what the heck was in the sky?

After the photos and videos began circulating online, experts joined the discussion to hypothesize the incident:

It turns out that the mysterious object in the sky was a meteor that created a “noctilucent cloud” which gave an appearance similar to an Elon Musk SpaceX Rocket. The last time a “night shining meteor cloud”¬†appeared in NorCal was in 2011 following a rocket launch.

It’s always fun to be surprised with celestial events on your commute home from work. Science is so cool!

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