Adventurers Discover Rare Views of a Snowy Cinder Cone in Lassen Volcanic National Park

Photo: Dan Arbuckle

When the snow falls on Lassen Volcanic National Park, many of the beautiful destinations deep in the park are nearly impossible to see. For those willing to brave the winter conditions in the areas of the park far away from any plowed road, they are rewarded with rare views of Lassen’s snow-covered geological marvels.

Photo: Dan Arbuckle

Shingletown resident Dan Arbuckle and friends embarked on an 14-mile roundtrip journey in the snowy Lassen wilderness using fat bikes and split boards to see views of Cinder Cone covered in snow.

Photo: Dan Arbuckle

The winter trek to Cinder Cone is rarely accomplished due to its length and difficulty in the snow. Arbuckle and crew drove as far as they could without getting stuck on Highway 44 and began their journey on the northeast edge of the park.

Photo: Dan Arbuckle

After fat biking for 2 miles, the adventurers swapped for their split boards and finished the remaining 5 miles.

Photo: Dan Arbuckle

Once they arrived at the volcanic marvel of Cinder Cone, they were greeted with snowy views of the Fantastic Lava Beds and Lassen Peak.

If you want to find rare views, you have to be willing to work for them. After spending some time on Cinder Cone without another human in sight, the crew trekked the 7 miles back to the car.

Photo: Dan Arbuckle

It’s amazing to see people push the limits to discover the beautiful outdoor destinations of Northern California. Great work Arbuckle and crew!

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