9 Beautiful Outdoor Winter Ice Skating Rinks in Northern California

It’s winter in Northern California which means we get to see our beautiful mountains covered in snow and ice skate below them! There are a few outdoor ice rinks that have been around for some time now, but there are also a batch of brand new rinks that have been popping up in all the different areas of NorCal.

We know you want your Holiday Season skating adventure, so we put together a list of 10 beautiful outdoor ice rinks in NorCal. Have Fun!

1. Siskiyou Ice Rink

The Siskiyou Ice rink continues to be our favorite outdoor ice rink in Northern California. Nestled under the beautiful Mt. Shasta, this rink provides all kinds of outdoor skating opportunities throughout the winter season. This rink is is typically open from November 17th through February 10th.

Learn more about the Siskiyou Ice Rink

2. Northstar Ice Rink

In the center of the plush village at Northstar-at-Tahoe near Truckee, CA, sits one of the most beautiful outdoor ice skating rinks in NorCal. Surrounded by great food, comfy fire pits and winter holiday cheer, the Northstar outdoor ice rink is one of the best experiences for skaters around. This rink is open for ice skating during the winter and roller skating during the summer

Learn about the Northstar Ice Rink

3. Downtown Sacramento

The downtown Sacramento ice rink is a great place to go for an outdoor skate in a city atmosphere. Open until January 15, this rink has regular events like a Santa Photo Day and throwback nights (70’s and 80’s).

Learn all about the Downtown Sacramento Ice Rink

4. San Francisco

San Francisco has two outdoor ice skating rinks located right in the heart of the city – the Holiday Ice Rink at Union Square and the Holiday Ice Rink at the Embarcadero Center. Historic Union Square is surrounded by shops and holiday cheer, while the Embarcadero Center is located right on the water, with an amazing view of the Bay Bridge. Union Square is open until January 15 and Embarcadero Center is open until January 7.

Learn all about the Holiday Ice Rink at Union Square

Learn all about the Holiday Ice Rink at Embarcadero Center

5. Humboldt Ice Skating Rink

The Humboldt Ice Skating Rink, located in Fortuna, CA, is a small outdoor rink covered with a tent. The rink has skating sessions throughout the night and day for kids, adults and school groups. The rink is open from November 30th through January 6th.

Learn all about the Humboldt Ice Skating Rink

6. Folsom Ice Rink

Sitting in Folsom, CA, just outside of Sacramento, is Northern California’s most unique outdoor ice skating rink. This ice rink is shaped like a donut surrounding a giant Christmas tree! Bring the kids to go round and round on the ice in Folsom’s Historic District. What a cool experience!

Learn all about the Folsom Ice Rink

7. The Half Dome Village Ice Rink – Yosemite

Sitting in Yosemite National Park is The Half Dome Village Ice Rink – outdoor skating with a view. Since 1928, this rink has been providing visitors with a wonderful skating experience right in the center of Yosemite Valley. The rink opens on November 21st.

Learn all about the Half Dome Village Ice Rink

8. Heavenly Village Ice Rink

Sitting right on the California-Nevada border in South Lake Tahoe is the Heavenly Village Ice Rink, a cozy rink just below the Heavenly resort surrounded by shops and restaurants. Open day and night all winter, this is a great location for families to have some Holiday fun in Tahoe.

Learn all about the Heavenly Village Ice Rink

9. Mammoth Ice Rink

Mammoth Lakes, CA is one of the coolest destinations in Northern California, and it has an outdoor skating rink to boot! Nestled below the southern Sierra Nevadas is the Mammoth Ice Rink which offers all the great ice activities including group sessions, open skates and ice hockey. The rink is scheduled to open on November 23rd.

Learn all about the Mammoth Ice Rink

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