Do You Live in an Earthquake Zone? Find Out With This Interactive Map

Earthquakes are a common fear in NorCal, but with this new interactive map, you can find out where fault lines, liquefaction zones and landslide zones are located

We live in the best area in the world, with sunshine year-round and beaches and mountains both a close drive away. But with all the majestic beauty comes with it geological issues.

Earthquakes are a way of life in California, and now the California Geological Survey has created an interactive map to find out if you live in an earthquake, liquefaction or landslide zone.

You can see the interactive map here (works great on smartphones)

The best way to use the map is to type your address into the search bar and use the legend in the top right corner to see what sort of risk you’re at. Let’s take a quick view at the map.

Here is a overview of NorCal, with fault lines visible through the far NorCal mountains and well as a lot of lines down near San Francisco and Yosemite:

If we look closely at Lassen, we can see fault lines throughout the northwest portion of the park:

Over in the Lava Beds National Monument, there are a ton of fault lines:

There’s also some fault lines on the south side of Lake Tahoe:

And some lines along the North Coast:

As you get down in the Bay Area, you see the classic fault lines California is known for:

And if you look closely at the Bay Area, much of the area is a liquefaction zone:

Liquefaction is the sinking of a ground during an earthquake. It is mostly know in the Bay Area:

Do you live in an Earthquake Zone? Let us know in the comments!

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