What’s a Lemurian and Why Do People Believe They Live in Mount Shasta?

By Zach O’Brien

We like to hypothesize about the paranormal activity surrounding Mt. Shasta. From Bigfoot sightings to alien activity, there is no doubt that the mysteries surrounding the beautiful Shasta are intriguing.

The most popular of these theories surrounding Shasta are regarding Lemurians living in the mountain. I’ve heard of these stories most of my life but mostly thrown them to the side as hogwash. But as I grow older, my curiosity lies within the spirit of the theory – why do many people believe this far fetched tale? I decided to dive deep into a full investigation – Are Lemurians living in Mt. Shasta?

History of Lemuria

So, first and foremost, what exactly is a Lemurian?

In 1864, zoologist Philip Sclater published an article about a classification of species called lemurs in which he was puzzled by the presence of their fossils in both Madagascar and India but not in Africa or the Middle East. He hypothesized that Madagascar and India had once been a part of a larger continent, which was the first theory leading to the discovery of the ancient supercontinent Pangea.

Following this scientific discovery, the concept of Lemuria began to appear in the works of other scholars. Ernst Haeckel looked for the “missing link” in this area, proposing that the fossils of the first humans sunk under the sea. But some propose the lost land went somewhere else.

Fast forward to 1899, when Frederick Spencer Oliver published A Dweller on Two Planets, a book which claimed that survivors from a sunken continent called Lemuria were living in Mount Shasta. In the book, Lemurians lived in a series of complex tunnels beneath the mountain. Locals would sometimes see the creatures wandering outside the mountain in white robes.

Then in 1931, Harvey Spencer Lewis, using the pseudonym Wisar Spenle Cerve, wrote a book about the hidden Lemurians of Mount Shasta. This book is widely regarded as the reason for the popularity for the legends of Lemurians in Mt. Shasta.

“Witness Accounts”

There have been many accounts of run-ins with Lemurians or other mysterious beings on the Mt. Shasta, none of which have been substantiated. The two early witness accounts created the large movement in the belief of Lemuria.

In 1904, British prospector JC Brown claimed to find an underground city 11-miles deep in the mountain, full of gold, shields and mummies, some of which were 10-feet-tall. When he told his story to others, the group compiled an 80-person team to explore the mountain for the underground city, but on the day the team was to set out, JC Brown disappeared.

In the early 1930’s, Guy Ballard reported to meet Saint Germain (not clear if he is of Lemurian descent) on the mountain, which led to the founding of the “I AM” Movement, which led to over a million followers in the late 1930’s until Ballards death.

The belief in Lemuria in Mt. Shasta and subsequent “witness accounts” have been incorporated into numerous occult religions, including “I AM” Activity, The Summit Lighthouse, Church Universal and Triumphant, and Kryon.

All of these “witness accounts” seemed to happen right after the different published books detailing Lemuria in Mt. Shasta were released…

Modern Day Lemuria Beliefs

There are still many people that hang around Mt. Shasta with beliefs of Lemuria. According to The Lemurian Connection, the history of Lemuria goes back to 4,500,000 BC, when the civilization ruled the earth. The continent of Lemuria was located in the Pacific Ocean and extended from western United States and Canada to lands in the Indian Ocean and Madagascar.

Then 25,000 years ago, Atlantis and Lemuria were the two most highly civilized civilizations on earth. That’s when things went south. Here is the explanation from lemurianconnection.com:

Dissension between the two (Atlantis and Lemuria) arose regarding the development and evolution of other civilizations. The Lemurians believed that the other less evolved cultures should be left alone to continue their own evolution at their own pace according to their own understandings and pathway, whereas the Atlanteans believed that less evolved cultures should be controlled by the two more evolved civilizations. Their argument over ideologies resulted in several thermonuclear wars which weakened both continental plates.  When the wars were over and the dust had settled, there were no winners, only death, destruction and further debasing of the human spirit to the point that both side realized the futility of such behavior.

So the Lemurians decided to build a separate society inside Mt. Shasta, where they would be safe from any disruptions on the surface of the earth. The city of Telos was built inside Mt. Shasta and was designed to house 200,000 Lemurians. Today, it is believed that Telos houses 1.5 millions Lemurians inside Mt. Shasta

Modern day beliefs say that Lemuria can be felt and contacted through spiritual practices. The Lemurians were a highly evolved spiritual race, so they can be contacted through spiritual messages from believers.

It is also believed that the Lemurians use crystals as communication tools. Modern-day believers say the the Lemurians programmed these crystals to teach their messages of oneness and healing. Crystals are revered by modern-day Lemurian believers.

The physical appearance of Lemurians has been debated for years. Some believe Lemurians looks like highly-evolved humans (like the description of Saint Germain) while others believe they have more animalistic qualities. Although it is a universally believed they are much taller beings than us surface dwellers.

Today, many people flock to Mt. Shasta in search for Lemurians and the spiritual enlightenment of Mt. Shasta.

Final Thoughts

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for this kind of thing. Stories of advanced, ancient societies living inside our beloved mountain is a cool idea to think about. Being a sci-fi enthusiast, I would certainly watch a movie with that plot.

It’s hard to argue that Mt. Shasta has an unexplainable aura to it. I have been around the Mt. Shasta my entire life and I still get a fuzzy feeling driving up to the mountain. Its energy is palpable, making it no mystery that people believe there’s something happening deeper below the surface.

As I read the story, it seems that this theory of Lemuria inside Mt. Shasta started with a science fiction book in the late 1800’s. From there, people ran with stories of sightings and encounters, none of which were substantiated (i.e. Did JC Brown disappear from the search party because he feared his lie would be found? Probably.).

While it’s interesting to hear the story of the lemur classification, leading scientists to the eventual Pangea theory (it’s a widely accepted now), I think some science fiction writers used it to sell books, leading to this craze of Lemurian beliefs.

In the end, it’s easy to admit there is something different about Mt. Shasta. But without any sort of evidence, relying on only accounts from suspect witnesses, cooky cults and science fiction writers, I think the land of Lemuria is one that lives in our minds, and not in the deep tunnels of Mt. Shasta.

That being said, if you believe in Lemurians, no judgment here. It’s these type of mysteries that make our world fun and exciting.

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  1. I believe there is both fact and fiction involved in the Lemurians. Who are we to confer or debunk their history and existence. I for one would love to find the truth but I’m not a billionaire to fund it.

  2. Why do they always depict advanced ancient civilizations as “ white “ true advanced humans where brown/black. Caucasins/Asians are mutated abominations.

    1. Like the Nazis stealing trying to steal the swastika, it seems like a weird compensation method to balance the fact that there’s no ancient northern European civilization or cities. The nordics/germanics are the origin of the term “barbarian”, which was given by the romans to the uncivilized areas of north Europe. Trying to paint people of ancient civilizations or “advanced races” with northern european features is like an inferiority complex.

  3. There is definitely strange and often terrible things going on around certain Mountains. Shasta being one that is the location of strange disappearances. Missing411 hits on it alot though Dave Paulidis doesn’t give theories, something is definitely amiss.

    1. If I had the means is light to fly a bunch of drones with night vision through all the tunnels mapping them and checking things out. I’d pay to watch a documentary like that kind of like on expedition bigfoot or the skinwalker ranch show.

  4. I don’t understand why those of you who are using ugly, hurtful words to attack caucasians? I don’t share any of the views about caucasians being advanced or the image used. However, it’s very hypocritical of you to attack the whole caucasian demographic.
    We’re all people. We’re in this world together. What good comes from attacking beings that under the skin are the same?
    It saddens me deeply.

    1. Angie, That kind of rhetoric is caused by hate and extreme anger- the same thing that civil rights leaders fought against for years, but its now being levied against whites who usually had nothing to do with past transgressions or the less frequent current transgressions. There are people filled with hatred in all walks of life looking to spew on others, sadly. Don’t let it get to you. Focus on the beauty that is still left in life, such as this wonderful mountain that has spun myths and mysteries.

  5. Additionally, I may be called an abomination. However, that speaks volumes about how “advanced ” YOU ARE….NOT your whole demographic whatever that is. When you take hate out of the equation, remember I’m uncivilized and apparently an abomination, but I would think if I lived inside of a mountain with no sunlight…that could result in the change of skin color….that’s the only difference…Good grief

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