VIDEO: Hikers Snowshoe Across Frozen Lake Helen in Lassen Volcanic National Park

In the wintertime in Lassen Volcanic National Park, visitors are met with a closed highway, meaning to visit most destinations in the park, you’re going to have to work for it. That’s exactly what this group did recently, snowshoeing from the Kohm Yah-Mah-Nee Visitors Center to a frozen Lake Helen. The video is absolutely stunning.

YouTuber Tiffany Zheng recently spent three winter days in Lassen where they seemed to have the entire place to themselves. The most stunning section of the video (above) was when they get to Lake Helen sitting right underneath Lassen Peak.

Here’s the lake in the summer for reference:

Photo by Yang Liu 

And here is what they saw in the depth of winter:

Absolutely spectacular! If you want to learn more about Lassen in the winter, here are 13 snowshoe hikes in the park. Or check out our trip snowshoeing to Sulphur Works:

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