A Kayaking Adventure to Mossbrae Falls

Mossbrae Falls is probably NorCal’s most unique waterfall. Instead of your typical water falling off a cliff (although very beautiful in itself), Mossbrae Falls is actually a series of springs that burst from the cliffs above the Sacramento River and then rain down into the water.

The problem with seeing this amazing waterfall is that it can be a difficult excursion. Finding pathways that aren’t on private land can be an issue and most people walk the railroad tracks to get there, which can be very dangerous.

But alas, we’ve found the solution to your problem. Getting there with a kayak! Check it out:

You can take the Upper Sacramento River through the Box Canyon to experience some great white water rapids while also viewing one of our favorite waterfalls. You can drop into the water just below Siskiyou Dam or the Ney Springs Fishing Access and get out right after Mossbrae Falls under the I-5 bridge.

During this trip you will experience some amazing scenery along with some Class IV rapids. Please check the water flows before embarking on the journey!

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