Now You Can Rent This Backcountry Cabin Above Mt. Shasta Ski Park

Every once in a while, the true enthusiasts of skiing and snowboarding have to venture outside the boundaries to go on a backcountry adventure. While a lot of ski resorts provide some sort of experience for backcountry daredevils, there may be no other experience in Northern California like Mt. Shasta Ski Park’s Beyond the Borders Backcountry Cabin.

With this experience, not only can you get an adventure in the backcountry powder of Mount Shasta, you can also stay in a cabin just above the ski park. For just $175 (minimum 4 people), you get a lift ticket to the top of the Coyote Lift where you will cross country ski or splitboard up 1,000 feet elevation to a cabin at 7,400 feet. In the cabin you will find water, two burner cook stove, lights, wood stove with firewood, outside fire pit, cook & tableware, pots, and pans. For the night, you will experience the ultimate outdoor winter adventure.

From the cabin, located on Grey Butte, you can explore the Shasta backcountry that includes both intermediate and advanced terrain. The only thing you need to bring for the adventure is food, beverages, personal overnight amenities, back country gear, extra clothing, and a sleeping bag. Gear transportation will be provided to the cabin.

Another benefit of staying on the mountain cabin is the incredible views from 7,400 feet that show the gorgeous valley below Shasta and sparkling night skies like you’ve never seen before.

Of course, you will be within reach of emergency services in case of an issue, but you’re expected to be fully prepared for adverse conditions. Cell phone reception is prominent in the area and there is a phone located in the cabin.

For all the information on the Beyond the Borders Backcountry Cabin, go to Did we mention it’s also open during the summer?!

P.S. This is what the experience looks like:

Have fun on your backcountry adventure!

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